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About Us

Andrew and Alice started Get Outside Tasmania a few years back because of their love of adventure, the environment and Tasmania.

Now Get Outdoors Tasmania has incorporated and has a board of passionate Tasmanians. 

Our mission is to inspire all Tasmanians to experience the outdoors. 

Our values include inclusion, enablement, connection, diversity and care – caring for people and the environment. 

We aim to lead by example, pay it forward, educate, advocate, engage, facilitate and empower ambassadors and champions.

Alice Percy

When Alice was in her early 20s she was diagnosed with Sponsdylolisthesis. She was unable to walk. Just before her wedding, a Tasmanian surgeon had the courage and empathy to give her a back fusion on what he said was one of the worst spondylothesis he had ever seen. Today she loves trail running, mountain biking, supping, snorkling, walking, yoga, lying on the beach and staring at the clouds. Anything that allows her to get outdoors and experience nature. She is always up for the challenge because she knows what life could have been like in constant pain. Alice is Get Outdoors Tasmania's President.

Di McShane

"A connection with the outdoors and nature has been a big part of my life, but it has probably become stronger and more valued over recent years. Having grown up in Tasmania, I may have taken for granted the easy access to the space and freedom we are lucky enough to have. As a child I was blessed to spend Summer holidays at the family shack at Coningham surrounded by beautiful beaches, picturesque cliffs, and clear waters. As an adult, living on a farm with my husband and children, I fully appreciated the opportunity for my children to experience growing up with endless space surrounded by bush and animals, roaming free.

Tyrone Blyth

Tyrone hails from the north west coast. After more than a decade exploring the globe with his wife Meredith, he returned to the vast outdoor playground of his childhood to roost. Tyrone is motivated by seeing others including his two young daughters thrive outside. He's keen to ensure that all Tasmanians have the opportunity to experience, appreciate and protect the natural environment for which our island home is renowned. Tyrone Blythe is our Vice-President.

Ayn Wang

Ayn Wang comes from a city on the same latitude as Hobart but in the Northern Hemisphere, where receives snow regularly throughout the winter. Naturally, skiing is her passion. Ayn loves the rush when speeding down the hill and she enjoys improving her skills. After moving to Tassie, she learnt diving, rafting and did much more bushwalking than ever before! She adjusts her activities to circumstances, but what remains is going outdoor.

Tracy Zhu

Born in a concrete jungle, Tracy has always loved the outdoors but thought of them as something she could only experience on holiday, or on TV. It just never occurred to her that it could become her life until she moved to Tasmania and experienced the breeze, the sunshine and the smell for herself. Getting outdoors doesn't mean extreme spots to her. It means building the connection with nature through every day life, from planting vegetables to walking along the beach. These experiences let her experience life at its fullest. Tracy is Get Outdoor's Tasmania's Public Officer.

Lincoln Quilliam

Lincoln is another of our inaugural board members! He is a born and bred Tasmanian who grew up in the foothills of kunanyi / Mt Wellington. He roamed Tasmania bushwalking, whitewater rafting and having snow adventures. Backcountry snowboarding across the world was his calling for many years and that than shifted to alpine climbing in NZ and Europe and an expedition with the NZ Alpine Team to Peru. Running the Kokoda track in PNG in 2017 gave birth to the realisation that all the multi day bush walks back home in Tassie could now be run in a day without a heavy backpack, and adventures through trail running began in earnest. Lincoln is super stoked to have moved back home in 2018 and there are years of outdoor adventures to be had right here in lutruwita / Tasmania.

Marcus Allan

Marcus hails from Launceston, runs his own ICT consultancy business and has 30+ years of bushwalking experience in Tasmania, including a stint as a guide on the Overland Track. Marcus spent 3 years in the UK where he did a number of alpine climbing trips to the European Alps and extensive trips into the Scottish highlands. In recent years, Marcus has made many trips to the Canterbury region in New Zealand ski-touring and has returned to rowing with a club in Hobart. Marcus and wife Susie (also a keen bushwalker) introduced their two children to the delights of the Tasmanian bush from an early age and both are now doing trips of their own both in Tasmania and on the mainland where they now live. Being able to survive and thrive in the bush builds self-confidence and resilience and Marcus is super keen to spread this message to our Get Outdoors Tasmania community.

Iain Chalmers

Iain is a life-long Tasmanian with a passion for the water, the beaches, the hills and pedaling on a bike. After spending the last 4 years living in a landlocked city, he has come home and is making the most of the spending time in the natural paradise that is Tassie! Iain is Get Outdoors Tasmania's Secretary!

Alex Burgess-Norris

Originally from the very flat, and very dry central Victoria, Alex now calls the very wet, and very mountainous Queenstown her home. After working in environmental policy, Alex yearned to make more of a meaningful impact on how people interact with their environment. She now teaches highschool science and geography. Alex loves being immersed in the outdoors, most commonly through mountain biking, bushwalking or camping. She loves the wild nature of Tasmania and the feeling of isolation and ruggedness of the mountains.